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How to Obtain and Keep a Good Credit Score Range

What does a good credit score range entail? Some people have little to no credit and that means their credit range it poor. All credit scores must fit in between the numbers 300-850.

Good Credit Score Range

In order to get a “good” credit score range a person must have a score of at least 700. A person with a credit score at 700 or above usually shows good money management. However, even those with a credit score of 700 can show late payments and negative issues.
The total credit score is calculated by the number of later payments, number and age of accounts open, total debt, and the public records available. If you can maintain “good” in these departments, then you can also maintain a decent credit score.

Working on a Credit Score

Many consumers want that good credit score range so that they can get lower interest rates and be eligible for a lot more things credit wise. If a consumer wishes to work on their credit score they will need to do a few things.

The number one objective to credit scores is to keep negatives off of your credit report. You also want to have accurate information on your credit score. As a consumer, you have the power to report accurate information to the credit bureaus.

Another major tip for keeping your credit score up is to pay your bills on time. When a lender looks at your report they are looking for the most recent information. So, it’s important to try and stay current on all of your bills.